Root canals don’t have to be painful. At Seguritan Dental Arts in Gramercy Park, Manhattan, you can receive your procedure in a safe, comfortable setting. Mikhail Seguritan, DDS, is an experienced dentist and uses cutting-edge technology to perform root canals. He has a gentle touch and works with you to provide pain-free dental care. If you’re nervous about seeing the dentist, let Dr. Seguritan put you at ease. Call the New York City office today or schedule an appointment online.

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What is a root canal?

The inside of your teeth is filled with a soft material called pulp. Sometimes, the pulp becomes infected. A cracked or broken tooth allows bacteria to enter your pulp. Cavities can also create an opening in the tooth that may lead to infection. 

Root canals remove infected pulp and prevent the bacteria from spreading. A root canal can save even severely damaged teeth, helping you avoid an extraction.  

However, the phrase “root canal” fills many patients with dread. You might have heard that root canals are painful, messy, and invasive. But this is an outdated myth. Modern root canals are simple and virtually pain-free.

What are the benefits of a root canal? 

Bacteria often spreads from your pulp into your bloodstream. In some cases, the infection can even affect your heart or other organs. Once other organs are impacted, your dental infection can become a life-threatening health concern. 

Fortunately, a root canal removes the infection and keeps bacteria from spreading. During your root canal, Dr. Seguritan cleans and seals your infected tooth. This procedure helps clear up the infection and protect your health.

What happens during a root canal?

First, Dr. Seguritan creates an opening in your tooth. Once inside your tooth, Dr. Seguritan removes infected pulp and cleans the inside of your tooth to remove all traces of infection. Then, he fills and seals the inside of your tooth.

Once your tooth has healed, Dr. Seguritan may decide to cover the tooth with a crown. A crown is a restoration that mimics the form and aesthetics of your natural tooth. Crowns help protect a fragile or injured tooth from future damage.

Most root canals are completed in one visit. In the rare case a root canal requires two visits, you will be scheduled accordingly. The appointment for a crow is normally a separate appointment as well. The Seguritan Dental Arts staff can let you know the timeline to complete your specific root canal procedure.

What follow-up care will I receive?

You might experience some minor swelling or sensitivity after your root canal. Dr. Seguritan explains how to handle these side effects. He can also offer guidance on proper dental care. 

During your follow-up appointment, Dr. Seguritan checks to make sure you’re healing well. If you have a crown, he makes sure you’re satisfied with your tooth’s appearance. In some cases, your crown might need minor adjustments. 

Dr. Seguritan delivers the care you need during and after a root canal. Call the office today or schedule an appointment online using this website.